Augmented Reality App Development


The Internet is still exciting the growing popularity of augmented reality games, especially Pokemon Go. To the extent that some transforming business experts have already decided to study augmented reality trends in the field of marketing, of course.
While hunters Pokémon surfer augmented reality in search of rare specimens, marketing, through game monsters, have set traps for the actual customers.
One of the first that was on the wave of income – churches (which happen to be spawning monsters) as well as bars and banks, which purchased a subscription. For them, the game Pokemon Go is a relevant tool to promote their products and services.
The game released on July 6 with the Japanese company Nintendo has created a sensation among users of mobile operating systems.
In less than a month, the game has set several records of popularity. According to SimilarWeb, players spend an average of 43 minutes 23 seconds playing – more WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, and the total number of Pokemon GO users approached Twitter.
Less than a week after the release of the game, Nintendo shares rose more than 25% on the Tokyo Stock Exchange – a record for placing Nintendo shares on the stock market in 1983. Han Yong Kim, Deutsche Bank, Pokemon Call Go the real phenomenon.

It seems to us, you should probably catch the lucky shot (unless you have an application idea), because now is the time to build an AR boot.
Because weigh all the facts and trends (as we will write below), we, like many other companies, are sure that it is now the most appropriate time for developers of augmented reality applications and Contractors.
Augmented reality

Want to know if and how to invest in augmented reality? Let’s find it out!
Augmented Reality (AR) is the environment with the direct or indirect addition of the physical world with digital data in real time with the help of computer devices – tablets, smartphones and innovative gadgets, as well as software for them.
Despite the name, these technologies can complement both the outside world by using objects from the virtual world and remove them – possibilities are limited only by AR capabilities, devices and programs. However, today, all or almost all decisions based on augmented reality function are performed exclusively in its title.
Today, AR software is very flexible. Smartphones and tablets on iOS, Android, as well as game consoles like Sony PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL are the best known representatives of browsers and games for mobile platforms.

Interesting facts:

• The invention of the term “augmented reality” in 1990 is attributed to Thomas Caudell, a former researcher at Boeing in 1990;
• Augmented reality is part of mixed reality, which consists of integrating virtual objects into the real world;
• Portable augmented reality devices can be divided into several group-mounted displays and devices in which the image is projected onto the user’s eyes. Smartphones and tablets, for obvious reasons, are not considered as such devices;
• A perfect example of the work of these technologies is a demonstration of the offside line in football (on the TV screen) and helmets of electronic military pilots, providing them with information on the status of the board and Weapons systems, as well as radar data;
• AR technology is widely used by game developers;
• The set of components required to create this type of device includes the processor, screen, camera and electronics determining the user’s position (accelerometer, GPS and compass). Thus, the almost perfect gadget for mass distribution of AR technology has become a modern smartphone.
• AR is already used in the fields of medicine, business, navigation, military conflicts, art, design, biology, architecture, archeology, translation , Office work and other types of human activities.


In conclusion, we would like to remind you that we live in the era of rapid technological development (especially those in fashion as augmented reality and virtual). We believe that you can not miss this chance – you must act. If you still have doubts, read the article carefully and make conclusions. It is not necessary to bury the idea, it must be realized!
You do not need to do many steps – contact us and we will explain in detail how to make an AR application and how much is the development of an AR application.
Do not hesitate, we are always happy to find new connections and business partners. After all, we work for you!