Google I/O 2013: Will a Chrome OS & Android merger finally be announced?

Android boss, Sundar Pichai, sat down with Wired for his first major interview since taking over as Google’s mobile head. He chats about the future of Android, Chrome, and Google’s relationship with Facebook. This interview takes place just a few days before Google’s I/O developer conference.

Before assuming his role as Google’s mobile chief, Pichai worked with the Chrome team, which included the Chrome browser and cloud-based operating system. By having both Chrome and Android run by Pichai, Google’s browser and operating systems are unified under one vision. There are rumors that Chrome OS and Android will merge but Pichai neither confirms nor denies this merger.

“We embrace both and we are continuing to invest in both. So in the short run, nothing changes. In the long run, computing itself will dictate the changes…At Google we ask how to bring together something seamless and beautiful and intuitive across all these screens. The picture may look different a year or two from from now, but in the short term, we have Android and we have Chrome, and we are not changing course.”

Google’s Chrome OS has been a tough sell to consumers, since it relies so heavily on cloud services. Android, on the other hand, feels more like a traditional operating system where you can continue to use apps and services offline.