How to Name Your App

The task of all developers is to make the application attractive to users. The first chose what people see is not the design, internal mechanics or even the store description. That’s the name. We help you choose the ideal application name for your wonderful application idea.
It will be a bad idea to try using the standard approach for your application. Why? It’s simple – you’re risky to get a boring and mediocre title that users simply will not notice. What do we need? Stand out from the crowd and make the name of the application that people remember and easily recommend it to their friends, relatives, or even a dog.
The basic rules for naming an application are basic – the name must be:
• Simple;
• Court;
• Original;
• Reflect the essence and main function of the application.
A simple example: the name of the application that allows to make lists of courses comfortable for the campaign in the supermarkets. It would seem difficult to find something brilliant, memorable and not trivial, but reflects the essence of these utilitarian applications. The creators solved this problem by naming their product “Buy Me a Pie!”. Such a humorous title, original and not banal.