The 6 Most Important Mobile App Marketing Techniques

If you are an application  developer you shuld read following article for successful start-ups on how to build the right product and market your application:

1. Make Proper Market Research

Before you put your investment and time for mobile app project,  you should be sure there is a demand for it.

Here is the simple methods:

  • Estimating Market Size: Estimate volumes of downloads you can expect by looking at your competitors space
  • Differentiating: Read your competitors application review and find out the weak points where do they failed and where can you take the advantage?

2. Through Feedback Get the Die Hard Fans

Start by collecting emails from potential customers and testers right away, and engage them. Don’t just get their emails and send them something when the app is released, they’ll have no idea who you are.

Keep them in the loop, and make the ones that are the most excited about your product your beta testers. At the end of the day, these are the individuals who will rally for you as your die hard fans when you launch.

3. Build a MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

It needs to be simple but polished, allowing to do something efficiently while having a great design.

4. More Than One Way to Get Users

If you’re building an app for a specific niche, start creating interesting and useful content from day 1. Share not only your philosophy and why you’re building your application, but also (and more importantly) content that people will keep coming back for and share.

5. Shooting the Right Way

You’ll have their attention for only a few seconds before they decide if they want to learn more or not, so you need to pitch them right and include all the needed elements:

  • Make sure you express the uniqueness of your app straight from the subject of the email
  • insert a short pitch
  • the link to the app and its price
  • a couple screenshots
  • a promo video
  • all the ways they can contact you.

6. Quality and Quantity

Getting downloads for your app, and more importantly having customers that keep coming back to it, is hard. But by making your research before starting, building something people like and with a unique approach, you’ll be going in the right direction. Avoid mistakes or make them fast and learn from them to improve your app.