Will Android’s Stabilization Change the Standards of iPhone App Development?

The android market has been often looked down upon by many tech critics. The basic android handset is perceived to be a cheap alternative to the standardized iOS. However, the current market with high performance android handsets has stabilized the performance of android devices to a great extent. The innovations demonstrated by the device makers are stunning and have won the faith of many Android app development companies around the world. Mobile app development companies working in android now feel a sense of security with respect to the performance of their android applications from mid-range to high range android phones.

There are many mid range devices in the android market today that almost inches to the performance levels of the high range android devices. Generally the mid range device might lack a few secondary feature but many of them are bundled with a dual core processor now. Surprisingly it was discovered that the app was also well received by mid range device users using xperia/HTC phones (xperia U, P and S, HTC one etc). The app performed flawlessly in these sets and inched quite close to the performance standards of a high end android phone. Priced as low as $280, these smartphones loaded with android and dual core processors have emerged to be highly promising for android app development companies. The performance issues that bothered android app development experts seem to fading a bit.

Although the android avatars are the sole reason behind the app performance glitches, their rapid expansion has forced Apple to rethink their strategy and come out with multiple iPhone models in order to save their shrinking market. iPhone app development experts who have been developing apps without having to worry about the cross device performance issues, will have to adapt to the latent change now.

One can also say that android developers and iPhone app development teams will now have one challenge in common – Cross device performance. Android developers have been facing this from its inception while at the same time; the android industry has moved a long distance to meet this lingering challenge. If you look at the market now, the signs are definitely positive for android. But how would it turn out for Apple, we will have to see it in the coming times.