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How we make IT offshoring work?.

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Firm foundation for clear communication

Offshore IT staffing’s success depends on clear communication between you and your new employee(s). Communicating with an offshore colleague therefore calls for an advanced bridge with a firm foundation. After all we are talking about communication across geographical borders, language borders and cultural borders. This foundation is Bridge Global IT Staffing’s main strength.

Foundation for a successful offshore cooperation

  • You and your employee(s) work together according to fixed work processes.
  • You use your own or our solid online process management tool to manage the project.
  • You manage your offshore employees yourself.
  • You and your employees have daily and weekly meetings according to a set structure.

As you can see, our bridge is simple but thoroughly constructed. This is how Bridge will do everything in their power to make your offshore cooperation successful.

Clarity through clear work processes

Agile, Scrum or Waterfall? The IT talents you hire can work with all three but they will use the one you prefer. It is more important that everyone works according to the same set guidelines.

  • You will talk to your employees daily via Skype or video conference at a fixed time. Furthermore you will have weekly meetings with the manager of a certain offshore office to discuss progress, problems and improvements.
  • All employees work according to the same written step-by-step program. This way everyone knows what to do to achieve the expected results.
  • All  function profiles are set: names, functions and all responsibilities and tasks of everyone involved in the cooperation.
  • You use indicators to measure progress and the success rate of the projects.
  • Your employees use standard coding norms when they program to make sure that the work processes are clear and smooth.

Easy check-ups for progress and quality

You manage your team of Programmers or developers with our convenient online project management tool. This instrument allows you to streamline communication, offers a clear view of project statuses and saves important information automatically. In this way it is easy for you to track the progress and quality of the project. If you already have an online tool you can of course use that one.

Personal touch for the best results

You, or one of your managers, manage(s) your offshore employees yourself. Thus there are no extra management layers that can slow down communication. You can inquire after progress or problems directly because you are at the helm. Furthermore, this method makes sure that your new employee will be part of your company sooner.

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